HONGJIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was founded in 1971 in Seoul, Korea. Since its inception, the company has been one of the highest quality plush fabric manufacturers in Korea. Supported by the specialized knowledge and wide experience of its staff, its production line was extended in 1992 to include three plants in Mainland China.
For over 10 years, HONGJIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. our Chinese subsidiary has been established and dedicated to manufacturing high quality knitted plush fabric in its fully equipped and professionally managed production facilities. The headquarters in Hong Kong has a strong and experienced management and marketing team, which strives to achieve greater satisfaction for all our clients. In addition, we have top level research and product development team constantly putting their passion into creating innovative designs and enhancing concept in order to fulfill clients' varied requirements.
Originality and Design
Our great line of products has maintained an outstanding reputation since we give priority both to unique design development and customer-oriented philosophy by providing solid technical support.

Our major production facilities are located in Guangdong Province, China. We produce approximately 400,000 yards plush per month by using circular Knitting method with our own dyeing and printing facilities. With over 400 workers and qualified technician from Korea, we attain the finest quality output.

Sales & Marketing
Our sales and marketing team seek to understand customers' questions and provide accurate information about our products that meet their satisfaction.